Visionizing: Unleashing A Gospel Church – John 13:34-35

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Pastor Scott continues the Visionizing series with a message from John.

Visionizing: Unleashing Gospel Hearts – Ephesians 2:1-13

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Visionizing is back! Pastor Scott preaches from Ephesians.

Which World? – 1Jn 2:15-17, James 4:4, John 17:14-21

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This is the start of this year’s Visionizing series. Pastor Scott preaches from 1 John, James, and John.

Visionizing: How We’re Getting There, Part 2 – Acts 4:23-31

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Pastor Scott concludes the Visionizing series with part 2 of How We’re Getting There: Prayer. He argues that the only effective prayer is originated in a realization of our own helplessness. The supporting text is Acts 4:23-31.

Visionizing: How We’re Getting There, Part 1 – Isaiah 6:1-8

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Pastor Scott likens Isaiah’s transformation in Isaiah 6:1-8 to the church’s – our – transformation into a tool suitable for God’s purpose.

Visionizing: Where We’re Going – Acts 4:13-30

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Pastor Scott recaps Who We Are, and continues the Visionizing series.  The dedication of Christ’s followers in Acts 4:13-30, especially Peter, serves as an example of the Holy Spirit’s empowerment of ordinary people to do extraordinary things in God’s service.

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