A Song For Those That Doubt – Luke 1:8-20, Luke 1:57-80

Pastor Scott continues the Songs of Christmas series with Zechariah’s story, who had his prayers answered in spectacular fashion, and yet couldn’t believe it was really happening. His story, and his Song, is found in Luke.

A Song For Those Who Are Tired – Luke 2:21-38

Pastor Scott continues the Songs of Christmas series with a look at two figures from the Christmas story who are often overlooked: Simeon and Anna. Simeon’s song in Luke is especially worth noting.

Note: This recording starts late due to a technical problem. 5-10 minutes are missing from the beginning of the sermon. Our apologies.

The Song Of Salvation – Isaiah 51:1-11

Pastor Scott starts a new series entitled The Songs Of Christmas. He starts with a song from Isaiah, concerning salvation.

Not A King’s Entrance – Luke 2:1-20

Scott Puckett examines unique aspects of Christ’s birth from Luke 2.

Not Your Normal Christmas Message – Matthew 2: 13-20

From Matthew 2:13-20, Scott Puckett describes three responses to Jesus.

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