Congregation Meeting

Information about the current financial state of our church, followed by questions/answers

Scenic Views – Acts 15-18

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Pastor Scott continues the study of the Book of Acts, discussing some of the tribulations of the early church. It’s probably a good idea to read the passage here first.

Church – Acts 5:12-16

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Darren Seiple preaches from Acts, continuing the series.

Special Meeting – Dreaming Out Loud

Pastor Scott conducts a short meeting with the congregation on plans for the future of the church. Please pray for God’s will to be revealed for a permanent facility for us.

Side By Side – Philippians 1:24 – 2:2

Pastor Scott discusses the importance of a church body being one with the Spirit, referring to Philippians.

Visionizing: How We’re Getting There, Part 1 – Isaiah 6:1-8

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Pastor Scott likens Isaiah’s transformation in Isaiah 6:1-8 to the church’s – our – transformation into a tool suitable for God’s purpose.

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