Olympic Faith – 1 Corinthians 9:24-27

Pastor Scott preaches from 1 Corinthians. This is part 1.

Visionizing: How We’re Getting There, Part 2 – Acts 4:23-31

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Pastor Scott concludes the Visionizing series with part 2 of How We’re Getting There: Prayer. He argues that the only effective prayer is originated in a realization of our own helplessness. The supporting text is Acts 4:23-31.

A Reminder to Young And Old Part 2 I Timothy 4:11-16

Pastor Scott continues his series he started last week on leadership. His statement ” As soon as you are ready to wholeheartedly follow Jesus Christ then you are ready to lead” cause us to look at our lives in the areas Paul is admonishing Timothy in this passage.

Faith That Works In Battle – Matthew 3:13 – 4:11

Scott Puckett finishes the ‘Faith That Works’ series in Matthew 3:13- 4:11.

A Faith That Works for Food – Ecclesiastes 1:1-3,12-15 & 2:24-26

Darren Seiple shares with us a new look at Ecclesiastes. He shows us how faith that properly fears God works to allow us freedom to enjoy our lives. Darren gives us simple ways to cultivate our joy. Scripture comes from Ecclesiastes 1:1-3, 12-15 & 2:24-26

A Faith That Works in Trials – James 1:1-8

Continuing with the “Faith That Works” series, Pastor Scott looks at the familiar words in the first chapter of James and gives us insight on how to count our trials as joy. James 1:1-8

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