“Guard the Gospel” – Scott Puckett – 2 Timothy 1:12-18

“Guard the Gospel” – Scott Puckett – 2 Timothy 1:12-18

Visionizing: Unleashing The Gospel – Isaiah 52:7

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Pastor Scott continues the Visionizing series with a message from Isaiah.

A King Will Rise – Mark 1:1-15

Pastor Scott begins a study of the Gospel of Mark.

10 Reasons to Read the Bible in 2010 – Psalm 119

You hear the excuses time and time again, You may even have a few of your own. They’re the reasons we have not to spend time reading God’s Word. But this week Joe White gives us 10 reasons we should read the Bible in 2010. Excerpts from Psalm 119

The Wedding Banquet – Matthew 22:1-14

Joe White talks about the Parable of The Wedding Banquet from Matthew 22:1-14.

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