“Following Him in the Dark Places” – Scott Brand – Psalm 6:1-7

“Following Him in the Dark Places” – Psalm 6:1-7

The Gift Of Hope – Romans 5:1-10

This week’s post is a two-parter. The first part is the Advent service, complete with music and a dramatized perspective from Simeon. The second part is this week’s sermon from Pastor Scott, from Romans.

A Priority Of Investment – Acts 1:15-26

Acts Logo

Pastor Scott continues the study of the book of Acts.

A Vision – Revelation 7:9-12

“John Love” preaches on a vision from Revelation, which helps answer the question of suffering.

Dying To Live – John 12:23-33

Pastor Scott explores the duality of Christ dying for us, so we could die to ourselves. The reading is from John.

Freedom – Galatians 5:1

Missionary John Love preaches from Galatians.

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