Anvil – Psalm 1-2

Darren Seiple preaches from Psalms. This message also relies heavily on Numbers.

The Path Of God – Acts 27-28

Acts Logo

Pastor Scott continues the study of the Book of Acts. “The path of God is not your way, but the best way.”

The King’s Authority To Call – Mark 1:14-20

Pastor Scott continues the study of the Gospel of Mark. Jesus claimed Kingship and has the authority to call His followers.

A Reminder to Young & Old, Part 1 – Jeremiah 1:4-10

Scott Puckett compares how Disney can make dreams come true, but God gives us the best and more than anyone or anything can. From a reminder of our calling in Jeremiah 1:4-10, we are never too old to discover and follow it.

Faith That Works – James 2:14-26

Scott Puckett preaches from James about the relationship between faith and works. James 2:14-26.

The Blessing Barrier – Judges 1-2

Scott Puckett introduces a new series on Judges with a message from the first two chapters.

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