Anvil – Psalm 1-2

Darren Seiple preaches from Psalms. This message also relies heavily on Numbers.

10 Reasons to Read the Bible in 2010 – Psalm 119

You hear the excuses time and time again, You may even have a few of your own. They’re the reasons we have not to spend time reading God’s Word. But this week Joe White gives us 10 reasons we should read the Bible in 2010. Excerpts from Psalm 119

Psalm 51

Guest Speaker Ande Johnson (Reformed University Fellowship Director, UCF) speaks from Psalm 51.

Living With Confidence – Psalm 23

Guest speaker, Mark Futato, presents a fresh perspective on a familiar Psalm.

Unless the Lord – Psalm 127

Summer in the PsalmsScott Puckett teaches from Psalm 127. We are reminded of the great importance of aligning ourselves completely with the Lord as we work, stand, rest, and trust – this is a worshiping life.

Delightful Worship – Psalm 37:1-11

Summer in the PsalmsScott Puckett preaches from Psalm 37:1-11. We learn that whatever we delight in is what we worship, that God wants all of our worship, and that only delighting in God will satisfy the desires of our heart.

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