How Good Is The News? – Acts 5:17-42

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Pastor Scott continues the study of the Book of Acts.

A Vision – Revelation 7:9-12

“John Love” preaches on a vision from Revelation, which helps answer the question of suffering.

The Persecuted Christ – John 15:18-16:4

Pastor Scott discusses the persecution of Christ, and the subsequent persecution of His followers, including those in the modern day. The reasons why this occurs are found in John 15:18-16:4.

A Faith That Works in Trials – James 1:1-8

Continuing with the “Faith That Works” series, Pastor Scott looks at the familiar words in the first chapter of James and gives us insight on how to count our trials as joy. James 1:1-8

Father Abraham – Genesis 22 – Hebrews 11

David Bailey continues on themes from last week using the experience of Abraham. Texts from Hebrews 11:17-19 and Genesis 22:1-18.

Resurrecting Your Suffering

Resurrected Life Series

A resurrected view of suffering from Scott Puckett

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