A Vision – Revelation 7:9-12

“John Love” preaches on a vision from Revelation, which helps answer the question of suffering.

The Persecuted Christ – John 15:18-16:4

Pastor Scott discusses the persecution of Christ, and the subsequent persecution of His followers, including those in the modern day. The reasons why this occurs are found in John 15:18-16:4.

The Third Conversion – Psalm 86:9

Dr. Steve Childers describes the third conversion followers of Jesus experience. Psalm 86:9 provides the Scriptural context.

Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome – James 4:4-10

Jaycee Dugard and Patty Hearst are just two victims of what is referred to as Stockholm Syndrome, a condition where a hostage shows loyalty to their captor. Scott Puckett looks at James 4:4-10 and shows the Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome that can effect each of us.

Update from West Africa

West AfricaNathaniel Adawonu, a missionary to West Africa, shares with us an update from the field and a greater perspective of the world. Nathaniel’s sermon will appear as a separate entry.

Christ in Us – John 17

JLF, in his last week in the US, preaches on why missionaries serve in dangerous missions. See John 17 and Ephesians 1.

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