The Path Of Impact – Jeremiah 29:11-13

Today is Impact Sunday! The primary verse is in Jeremiah, but Pastor Scott also references important passages in Exodus, Numbers, Luke, and 1 Samuel.

Visionizing: How We’re Getting There, Part 1 – Isaiah 6:1-8

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Pastor Scott likens Isaiah’s transformation in Isaiah 6:1-8 to the church’s – our – transformation into a tool suitable for God’s purpose.

A Reminder to Young And Old Part 2 I Timothy 4:11-16

Pastor Scott continues his series he started last week on leadership. His statement ” As soon as you are ready to wholeheartedly follow Jesus Christ then you are ready to lead” cause us to look at our lives in the areas Paul is admonishing Timothy in this passage.

Raise the Sail – John 3:1-8

Have you raised the sail and let the wind of the Holy Spirit guide your life, or are you still holding on to the paddle and trying to control your direction? Scott Puckett explores these questions as he looks at Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus in John 3:1-8.

Visionizing: Charting The Course – John 6:1-13

Last in a three-part series on ‘Visionizing’, John 6:1-13 is the basis for this message.

Jacob Wrestles With God – Genesis 32:22-31

Joe White talks from Genesis 32:22-31 about Joseph’s struggle with God in which he went from desperate self-sufficiency to God-dependent transformation.

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