“Hidden Treasure” – Scott Puckett – Matthew 13:4

“Hidden Treasure” – Scott Puckett – Matthew 13:4

Measuring Treasuring – Matthew 6:19-24

Matthew 6:19-24 provides the context for Scott Puckett’s observations about treasure.

Stewardship Dinner 2009

Listen to the program from Christ Kingdom Church’s first Stewardship Dinner.

Giving Like God

Scott Puckett speaks about Giving Like God.

How Not to Lose Heart – 2 Cor 4

Nathaniel Adawonu of New Harvest Missions International teaches from 2 Corinthians 4. The life of a Christian can be disheartening, and this passage gives three ways not to lose heart:

  1. We must keep the Gospel at the defining center of our life.
  2. We must not make the Gospel depend on our own strengths.
  3. We must allow the trouble of the Gospel to benefit us.

Nathaniel’s introduction and missions update appear in a separate entry.

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