A Song For Those Who Are Tired – Luke 2:21-38

Pastor Scott continues the Songs of Christmas series with a look at two figures from the Christmas story who are often overlooked: Simeon and Anna. Simeon’s song in Luke is especially worth noting.

Note: This recording starts late due to a technical problem. 5-10 minutes are missing from the beginning of the sermon. Our apologies.

Visionizing: How We’re Getting There, Part 2 – Acts 4:23-31

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Pastor Scott concludes the Visionizing series with part 2 of How We’re Getting There: Prayer. He argues that the only effective prayer is originated in a realization of our own helplessness. The supporting text is Acts 4:23-31.

Visionizing: Pillar 1: Living Worship – John 4:1-26

VisionizingScott Puckett begins the Visionizing sermon series by examining Pillar One of our church’s vision: Living Worship. We are all worshipers and we worship all the time. The question is Is your worship true or false? True worshipers worship God in spirit and truth. False worshipers worship idols in the flesh and falsehood. See John 4:1-26.

Delightful Worship – Psalm 37:1-11

Summer in the PsalmsScott Puckett preaches from Psalm 37:1-11. We learn that whatever we delight in is what we worship, that God wants all of our worship, and that only delighting in God will satisfy the desires of our heart.

Singing Hearts – Psalm 95

Summer in the PsalmsSummer in the Psalms continues with Psalm 95. Scott Puckett teaches, “a singing heart should be a hallmark of the Christian faith, but a hardened heart quenches it.” Today we learn two secrets to having a singing heart.

From Suffering to Worship – Psalm 22:1-8,19-31

Corey Jackson preaches from Psalm 22: 1-8, 19-31.

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